19CW2 MOFFAT COUNTY Application for

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19CW2 MOFFAT COUNTY Application for Conditional, Underground Water Right for an Exempt Well, and Water Storage Rights. Applicant: Sharon Skwarek/YY Bar Angus, 3059 CR 35, Craig, CO 81625, Email Me, 970-629-0305. Structure: Cottonwood Draw Spring. UTMs: E267605 N4505282. Zone 13. Source of UTMs: GPS. Structure: Cattail Spring. UTM's: E268698 N4504028. Zone 13. Name of Well: Antelope Springs Well. Permit, Registration or Denial Number: In Process. Total Area of Parcel on which this Well is Located: 240 +/- acres. UTM's: E267905 N4505468. Zone 13. Name of Reservoir: Mick's Pond. UTM's: E267922 N4505345. Zone 13. Legal Description for all Structures: County: Moffat; SE4, SW4, Sec: 5; T: 8N; R: 92W; PM: 6. Source of PLSS information: USDA. Source: Unnamed Tributary of Lay Creek. Cottonwood Draw and Cattail Spring: Date of Appropriation: 05/02/19. How Appropriation was Initiated: For Grazing Livestock in Future. Date Water Applied to Beneficial Use: N/A at future date. Amount Claimed in cubic feet per second (cfs) or in gallons per minute (gpm): Conditional 15 gpm. List All Uses or Proposed Uses: Water Livestock. Antelope Springs Well: Date of Appropriation: 05/02/19. Date Water Applied to Beneficial Use: 08/01/18. Source of Water: Groundwater. Depth of Well, if Completed: 60 ft. Amount of Underground Water Claimed in gallons per minute (gpm): Conditional: 1 gpm. List all Existing Uses: Domestic. Domestic Animals Watering: No. Other Uses: Water to Recreational Vehicles. Proposed Uses (Note that this information is only required if the applicant's existing uses are less than the uses allowed by the exempt well permit and the applicant is seeking a conditional water right for such additional uses.) Number of Single-Family Dwellings Served: Recreational Vehicles. Domestic Animals Watering: Yes. Livestock Watering on Farm/Ranch/Pasture (property must be 35 or more acres.): Yes. Mick's Pond: Date of Appropriation: 05/01/19. How Appropriation was Initiated: For Grazing Livestock in the Future. Amount Claimed: Absolute: 1.245-acre feet. List all Uses or Proposed Uses: Water Livestock. Surface Area of High-Water Line: .4568 Acres. Vertical height of dam in feet measured vertically from the elevation of the lowest point of the natural surface of the ground where that point occurs along the longitudinal centerline of the dam up to the crest of the emergency spillway of the dam: 7 feet. Length of dam in feet: 215 feet. Total Capacity of Reservoir in Acre Feet: 1.245-acre feet. Active Capacity: 1.245. Dead Storage: 1.245. Landowner: Applicant. Published in the Craig Press on June 14, 2019. 0000437266