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Trapper Mining Inc., P.O. Box 187, Craig, CO 81626 (CDRMS Permit No. C-1981-010, approved 11/29/17), intends to request release of Phase II bond liability on 175.0 acres of its reclaimed mine lands. A surety bond in the amount of $30,500,000 is presently in place. No reduction in the amount of the bond is sought with this bond release application.

Those portions of the mine for which Phase II bond release liability is requested were reclaimed from 2014 to 2016 and have been retopsoiled, reseeded and hydrologically stabilized in accordance with CDRMS regulations. A perennial native grass/forb/mountain shrub community has been established to achieve the post-mining land use of rangeland.

This information is being proposed as bond release request SL-22. All reviews and comment periods as provided in the Act and Regulations promulgated thereunder initiate from this date of filing. Trapper Mine is located 6½ miles south of Craig, Colorado. The specific area to which this proposed bond release request applies is:

T5N, R90W Portions of Sections 5 and 6.
T5N, R91W Portions of Section 2.
T6N, R90W Portions of Section 31.
T6N, R91W Portions of Sections 35 and 36.

The Castor Gulch USGS 7.5-minute quadrangle map contains the location of the affected area. Written comments or objections or requests for public hearing or informal conference concerning this bond release application may be submitted to, and additional information obtained from, the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety, 215 Centennial Bldg., 1313 Sherman St., Denver CO 80203, (303) 866-3567. The Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety must receive comments within 30 days of the last publication of this notice or within 30 days of the onsite inspection, whichever is later.

The mailing address for Trapper Mine is: Forrest V. Luke
Environmental Manager
Trapper Mining Inc.
P.O. Box 187
Craig CO 81626

Published in the Craig Press on August 7, 14, 21 and 28, 2020. 0000607621