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ORDINANCE NO. 1083 (2019) AN ORDINANCE FOR THE CITY OF CRAIG, COLORADO AMENDING A PORTION OF CHAPTER 2.20 OF THE CRAIG MUNICIPAL CODE TO REVISE THE EMPLOYEE STEP PROGRAM AND COST OF LIVING INCREASES WHEREAS, the City of Craig utilizes a "step program" for new employees to allow them to increase their pay within their salary range during the first several years of employment, which step increases correspond with the training and experience acquired as an employee; WHEREAS, the City Manager recommends that the City Council approve changes from time to time in the step program, in order to reward employees for their longevity and continued advancement due to increasing experience in their job; WHEREAS, the City Manager proposes a budget each year which is approved by the City Council, and which may include bonuses or cost-of-living increases based upon certain factors, including inflation, the results of salary surveys and the ability of the City of Craig to pay such bonuses or cost-of-living increases; WHEREAS, the City Council must establish and maintain policies which are fairly applied and which support the sound management of the employees of the City of Craig, as well as the sound fiscal management of the City; and WHEREAS, changes to the ordinance pertaining to the Step Program will apply to new employees hired after the passage of this ordinance, and will not create any changes to existing employees as of the date of passage of this ordinance. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CRAIG, COLORADO: The City Council deems it appropriate to publish the title of this Ordinance, together with a summary of the Ordinance and with the statement that the text is available for public inspection and acquisition in the office of the City Clerk. This ordinance was read and passed on Second Reading, by the City Council of the City of Craig, at its regular meeting held on the 26th day of March, 2019. The entire text of this ordinance is available for public inspection and acquisition in the office of the Craig City Clerk at 300 W. 4th Street, Craig, CO 81625, 970-826-2008, Email Me. John Ponikvar, Mayor ATTEST: Liz White, City Clerk Published in the Craig Press March 29, 2019 0000401928