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ORDINANCE NO. 1099 (2019) AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF CRAIG, COLORADO REFERRING A QUESTION TO THE REGISTERED ELECTORS CONCERNING AN AMENDMENT TO THE CITY CHARTER CHANGING THE TIMING OF THE GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION FROM APRIL OF ODD YEARS TO NOVEMBER OF EVEN YEARS; AND SETTING A BALLOT QUESTION FOR THE NOVEMBER 5, 2019 COORDINATED ELECTION. RECITALS WHEREAS, the City General Election occurs every two years at which time the voters elect the Mayor to two year terms and open City Council seats based on four year terms, as well as any referred or initiated measures on the ballot; and WHEREAS, the increasing complexity of the election process to comply with all legal requirements makes it more and more unlikely for the City to conduct its own elections without the involvement of the Moffat County Clerk with direction from the Colorado Secretary of State's office; including the fact that these elections are now conducted as mail-in elections and utilize the advanced equipment and operations in the conduct of the election and the counting and tabulation of the ballots, utilizing the expertise and equipment of the County Clerk's office; and WHEREAS, the costs of conducting the general City election in April are significant when the City election is conducted by the Moffat County Clerk on behalf of the City; whereas the costs of participating with other entities in the coordinated November election are significantly less; and WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Craig is of the opinion that the City Council should refer a ballot question to the registered electors residing within the City of Craig at the November 5, 2019 coordinated election concerning changing the Craig City Charter to move the general City election from the first Tuesday in April to the first Tuesday in November beginning November 2020 and each even year thereafter; and WHEREAS, upon approval of the ballot question if approved by the registered electors the City Council for the City of Craig will adopt an ordinance addressing the conduct of the first November election in 2020 as far as the terms of the Mayor and Council members with the change in the time of the general City election. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CRAIG AS FOLLOWS: 1.The City Council deems it appropriate to publish the title of this Ordinance, together with a summary of the Ordinance and with the statement that the text is available for public inspection and acquisition in the office of the City Clerk. READ, APPROVED AND ORDERED PUBLISHED ON FIRST READING THIS 13TH DAY OF AUGUST, 2019 BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CRAIG, COLORADO. ______________________________ Jarrod Ogden, Mayor ATTEST: ______________________________ Liz White, City Clerk Published in the Craig Press on August 16, 2019. 0000470389